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Scanahand - Crea nuovi font da usare nei tuoi documenti Word

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The Scanahand application allows you to make new fonts that you will be able to use in a number of different text based formats, for example MS Word, PowerPoint, Notepad and various other Windows based text applications.
More interestingly, because of the fact that various web browsers these days allow you to utilize a number of fonts, you too can add your own fonts to your web pages. Scanahand is a pretty simple application. All it does is print a copy of the template you draw on it. This means it draws each and every single character using a felt-tip pen. It does this by analyzing and scanning your drawing of all the fonts.
And with just a few drawings of your font, you can use Scanahand to create your own font in a matter of a couple of hours. Upon finishing, you can then download the file which contains your newly created fonts and start using it for anything you want. Even writing blogs or assignments on Word, another interesting thing about the Scanahand application is that you don’t need to get any additional graphical hardware support for it. You can integrate the Scanahand application with PowerPoint and create drawings on it.
The Scanahand application is an interesting application indeed.


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